Road Traffic Offence Section 2 Case Acquitted

Kinloch Lawyers Client Acquitted of Road Traffic Charges

On the 29th September 2022, our Mr Jenkins from Kinloch Lawyers represented a client for a Part Heard Trial. This is when a Trial has started on a previous day and could not be finished.

Client charged with a contravention of the Road Traffic Act

Charged with Dangerous Driving under Section 2 of the Road Traffic Act

The client was charged with behaving in a threatening and abusive manner, as well as two contraventions of the Road Traffic Act. In particular, the client was charged with a contravention of section 2 of the Road Traffic Act, namely dangerous driving.

A Charge of Dangerous Driving under the Road Traffic Act 1988

A conviction under this section of the act would have resulted in the client being disqualified from driving and having to resit their test when the period of disqualification had expired. Naturally, the client was extremely worried about the prospect of losing her licence and the impact that this would have on her employment. Nevertheless, the client maintained that she was innocent of all charges and proceeded to trial.

The Outcome of the Case

What was Agreed

After hearing evidence from two police officers, the Accused and two defence witnesses, the client was acquitted of all charges. A great result and a huge relief for a very grateful client.

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