Domestic / Sexual Abuse

Domestic Abuse
Due to our extensive criminal experience, Kinloch Lawyers specialise in defending people charged with domestic abuse matters. Many people are charged with contraventions of Section 38(1) of the Criminal Justice & Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 and stalking offences under Section 39(1) of the Criminal Justice & Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010.We have successfully defended numerous clients in respect of these matters and depending on financial circumstances Legal Aid can be made available. This type of case is very often hand in hand with Interdicts and accused persons not having access to their children, through our Child Law branch, we can also offer substantial support and access to the courts and then to family members.

We can offer appointments at our High Street office at 149 High Street, Glasgow, on Tuesday afternoons and our Mr Kinloch, who is usually based in our Saracen Street office, can also see clients both at court and in our Saracen Street office.

This is a very sensitive and difficult time for accused persons and we have a great success rate in successfully representing clients charged with these type of offences.

There is zero tolerance policy by Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal's Service to these type of allegations and these offences are vigorously prosecuted and it is vital that the best representation be sought at the earliest opportunity.

Then sexual offences:
Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal's Service are concentrating more and more on this type of offence. Very often people have historical allegations made against them and accused persons can find this to be extremely worrying and upsetting.

Many of these cases are historical and can date back years and occasionally decades. We have extensive experience in defending this type of case successfully and have access to the foremost Advocates in Scotland.

We have an extremely high success rate in this type of case and are happy to meet with people either at our High Street office or our Saracen Street office and indeed in various consulting rooms in various courts throughout the country.

It is important that the persons obtain our legal advice as quickly as possible as these cases are deemed to be extremely serious in the eyes of many judges.

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