As ever I thank you for your professional approach to this matter. I know it is a bit of an inconvenience for you to deal with something which occurred outside your normal geographical area, however it was dealt with exactly as I knew it would be. I am delighted  with the way everything was taken care of for me, the outcome, and for the communication throughout as Sharon cheered me up every time I called with her chirpy telephone manner. Where it was actually nice to get a catch up and a good old blether with David at the court in Oban after such a long time, can you let him know that next time I hope to just pop in to the office or lift a phone to see how you are all getting on.

Absolutely fantastic service - The team guided me through every step of the way in achieving closure in my divorce and gaining the required separation agreement for the children. I would completely recommend Gayle and the team to anyone .

They did not disappoint!

I was charged with a domestic matter and Kinloch & Company managed to get me Legal Aid, reviewed the evidence and they were confident I would receive a not guilty."

"They took me to trial and I did, in fact, receive a not guilty.

I am very much obliged to them for all their help."

Mr Drew Long on behalf of David Kinloch Lawyers was a beacon of belief to myself and my family at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible. Not only was he able to defend me from an unjust accusation, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most. Mr Long was always on hand 24/7, he went above and beyond making me feel safe & secure, relaying information on point. I am eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend David Kinloch Lawyers without reservation.

I just wish I had met Mr Long in a different walk of life – he is a great guy and a great lawyer."

After an acrimonious breakup, my wife falsely accused me of stalking her and following her using electronic Social Media. This was completely false and due to the phenomenal efforts of David Kinloch, I had a verdict of not guilty returned to me after 6 days of trial. I would have lost my livelihood and been banned from seeing my kids and I cannot thank Kinloch & Company Solicitors enough for all the help they gave me."

A.S, Glasgow

I am employed in a very responsible job where any convictions would affect my security clearance on a national basis. It was absolutely essential that I was not convicted or I would have lost my job and potentially, tens of thousands of pounds over my career. Kinloch & Company went to trial for me and I had no conviction recorded against me.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am, and their service was nothing beyond exemplary."

M.S, Glasgow

I have had both criminal and civil cases with David Kinloch & Co. I have always been extremely happy with the service I have been given. Both David and Alison have done great in both my cases and I would go back to them if I have any other cases"

J.T, Glasgow

As a garage proprietor, I have used Kinloch and Co for advice on a number of occasions." "They have successfully saved me from getting points on my licence and helped tremendously re debt recovery"

"Great service, efficient and reasonable fees"

R.P, Glasgow

"Quite simply saved me from jail and over £80,000 when proceeds came after me"

J.M, Glasgow

I am an offshore worker and my licence is essential. I was caught driving a van with a cracked windshield and towing a trailer when I didn’t have the necessary driving licence. Mr Kinloch spotted a loophole and had the case dropped without me even going to court."

I could not recommend him more highly.

I would like to thank you for all your help

I converted a disused church into a matrimonial home and Glasgow District Council insisted that I was prosecuted for a breach of the planning act. Mr Kinloch, with the help of his staff, managed to persuade the prosecutor to drop the whole case the week before it was due in court."

T.J, Glasgow

I was charged with making a domestic threatening phone call, Kinloch's went to trial and the case was thrown out."

Their fees were less than expected. I would have lost my job if convicted.

Cannot thank them enough."

I am very delighted with the outcome of the trial. My utmost thanks to you, Drew and all staff who have contributed immensely to the outcome I craved for on Friday."

C.P, Glasgow

I was charged with historical abuse of my young cousin. I denied this. David Kinloch organised counsel for me and after legal submissions, the case was thrown out. The amount of stress I had was enormous and my case was handled with sensitivity and on a professional basis.

They have literally saved my life."

C.B, Glasgow

I was a professional, social, worker. I had difficulties with my wife. We separated and I had attempted suicide in the past. I was charged with domestic rape and Kinloch & Company organised Snr Counsel for me, managed to get me legal aid, which I was surprised at and thereafter, got a verdict of acquittal for me after 3 days of trial in the High Court." "I have mental health problems and they were absolutely excellent in how they handled the case and the attention to detail they gave."

I would strongly recommend anyone, facing sexual allegations, use this company!"

W.M, Glasgow

I was charged after a spurious argument with my ex-wife and spent a night in the cells as well, couldn't believe it and turned to David Kinlock solicitors for help. It was the best thing I did, solicitor Drew Long represented me diligently and expertly dismantled the charges against me to result in a not guilty verdict, I can't recommend Kinloch & Co highly enough, definitely who I'll be using should the need ever arise again."

My licence is absolutely essential for my job. I drank a spiked drink without knowing and my first lawyer told me to plead guilty and all the so called traffic experts also told me to plead guilty. It was only Mr. Kinloch who got a toxicology report and took this to trial and won my case.

I can't thank him enough and just shows that all the so-called experts don't know what they're talking about. Kinloch & Company are also doing my divorce and I couldn't be more pleased with their help."

D.S, Bellshill

Thank you very much for the representation and support throughout my court case.

Thank you also for the very reasonable price that it cost.

We appreciate all your help and advice.


S.K, Glasgow