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David Kinloch & Co are located at both our High Street City Centre Office and also at our main office in Saracen Street Glasgow, and are Child Law experts when it comes to handling legal cases regarding children. Child Law Solicitor Miss Gayle Middleton is predominately based within the city centre office but of course we can offer facilities for all clients to attend that office if it makes the travelling easier. We are situated very near to the children’s panel at Bell Street and this enables that we can ensure a swift and prompt service for our clients.

Being experts in the law surrounding the contact and living arrangements of children and families, we can advise on the legal processes. If you need help in reaching a solution the expert children lawyers at Kinloch & Co can guide you through the options including: solicitors’ correspondence, mediation and arbitration, roundtable meetings and other forms of dispute resolution.

Children’s Law is very often interlinked with other family matters including divorce, separation and access or custody to children. A key aim is always to resolve disputes outside court by way of agreement.

Child Law Services

Social Work

Sometimes Social Work become involved in children’s lives because they think that they need to help safeguard and promote the welfare of the child.

Residence / Contact

Questions about with whom a child lives and when and where a child sees other family members are usually decided within the family.

Adoptions / Permanence Orders

In Scotland, courts are often asked to deal with applications for an adoption order in respect of a child. Adoption changes the status of the child to that of being a child of the adoptive parent or parents.

Children's Hearings

Children and young people can be referred to the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration by agencies like social work, schools, police or health services. Referrals are made if an agency has a concern about a child.

Absolutely fantastic service - The team guided me through every step of the way in achieving closure in my divorce and gaining the required separation agreement for the children. I would completely recommend Gayle and the team to anyone .

They did not disappoint!

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