Proceeds of Crime Act Solicitors Glasgow

At Kinloch Lawyers in Glasgow, Mr Kinloch deals with very high level proceeds of crime matters and has done so since the introduction of the original act.

As proceeds of crime act solicitors in Glasgow we are instructed by other solicitors due to our high level of expertise. We deal with all proceed matters arising from criminal convictions and is vitally important that the client is aware of the significance of the benefit figure and the significance of the available amount figure.

Kinloch Lawyers have very close links with the four most forensic accountants and in particular with a gentleman who worked for HMRC at a very senior level for a long number of years.

We have an extremely high success rate in respect of this area and on one occasion saved a client’s property portfolio and taxi portfolio running into tens of millions of pounds. Without our involvement, this gentleman would have faced an extreme financial difficulty.

Proceeds of crimes also include civil matters, cash seizures, lifestyle offences and general negotiation with Crown Office in Edinburgh.

Proceeds of crime is an extremely complicated area and very few solicitors have the knowledge of experience in how to deal effectively with these matters.

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