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David Kinloch & Co experienced Family Law Solicitors in Glasgow providing practical, caring and cost effective advice. We offer divorce, matrimonial and children law advice and have offices in both the High Street and Saracen Street in the City Centre of Glasgow.

David Kinloch's team of Family Law Solicitors have a recognised skill for handling delicate family matters, dispute resolution, and other legal services to benefit your family when it comes helping guide you towards the best decisions for your family, by using our expert legal advice that is professionally delivered with a family friendly approach.

Family Law Services


Divorce is one of the most common reasons for people to contact a family lawyer. Our Divorce solicitors will act on your behalf during divorce proceedings. They will work to negotiate the best outcome in terms of division of assets, financial settlements, child custody and child support.


Separation can be more complicated, as you may not have any legal claim to assets compared to if you were married.
So You may not be automatically entitled to a fair 50/50 split of assets. Our solicitors can represent you if you wish to make a claim on a share of the family home or any other assets, and help to draw up a legally binding agreement for both parties.

Child Contact

Divorce or separation can be compounded if there are children involved. Therefore it is vital to act in the best interests of any children, especially if the break-up was far from amicable. The most common custody arrangement is one in which one parent has sole physical custody, but both parents have equal legal custody in terms of decisions like schooling or medical procedures.


Talk to us about who is allowed to adopt? There is no upper age limit or limitations on relationship status. People can adopt if they are single, married, in a civil partnership, living as an unmarried couple, or if they are the partner of the child who is being adopted. Find out more by getting in touch.

Absolutely fantastic service - The team guided me through every step of the way in achieving closure in my divorce and gaining the required separation agreement for the children. I would completely recommend Kinloch Lawyers team to anyone .

They did not disappoint!

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