Supervised Bail for Client Wanting to Break Criminality Cycle

Kinloch Lawyers Helps Client Break His Criminality Cycle

Our Mr Banks from Kinloch Lawyers represented a 19yr old client who struggles with addiction, mental health issues and PTSD.

Client with an extensive Criminal Record given one last Chance

Offending was a Result of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues

As criminal defence solicitors we often come across clients who have struggled with addiction and mental health issues, and their criminal behaviour is a manifestation of their underlying struggles. Such was the case recently with our 19-year-old client, who has an extensive criminal record and who had been remanded in custody for an analogous offence. Despite being offered help in the past, he failed to engage with any of it.

However, our Mr Banks was determined to give him one last chance to turn his life around. He approached the case with a trauma-informed perspective, which acknowledges the impact of traumatic experiences on an individual's behaviour and seeks to address those experiences in a supportive and empathetic manner.

Substance Abuse, Mental Health and PTSD

Mr Banks argued that his client's offending was a result of his substance abuse and mental health issues, specifically PTSD, and that the environment in which he lived exacerbated his behaviour. He presented evidence to the Sheriff that his client was willing to engage with support and help, and that he had the opportunity of supervised bail, which would assist in supporting him in trying to break the cycle of consistently reoffending

The Outcome of the Case

What was Agreed

The Sheriff acknowledged the situation and difficulties our client was facing and agreed to grant him supervised bail. This meant that our client would be given a Bail Supervision Officer who would offer support and help, and he must comply with actions the supervising officer requested, including a referral to addiction services.

At Kinloch and Company, we always consider any underlying struggles our clients may face and approach all of our cases with a trauma-informed perspective. We work hard to get results that have a positive impact and recognise the importance of fighting to give people a chance to turn their life around.

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