Biker Insurance Policy

For a relatively small annual fee typically in the range of approximately £80.00, this policy will cover the holder of the policy up to £50,000.00 in total for legal expenses per annum. This is tremendous value for money and we are one of the few firms who are allowed to represent the clients of Columbus Legal.

Kinloch Lawyers would recommend to our clients to take such a policy out and thereafter forget about expense of legal costs. As a client, if you are immobile at home or recovering in hospital we can visit you.

Discounts available to British Bikers Association (BBA) members and client`s buying parts , and vehicles from Appleyard cars in the north of England.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Scottish RTA, accidents etc.

Policy Information

Some important facts about the Legal Expenses policy are summarised below:

Criminal Prosecution Defence – Legal expenses incurred in defending a prosecution brought directly against you in a Court of Criminal Jurisdiction.

Personal Injury – Legal expenses incurred in pursuit of legal proceedings to recover damages for death of, or bodily injury to an insured person.

Consumer Protection – Legal expenses incurred in disputes arising out of a contract for the purchase or hire of goods or services for private use or the sale or supply of privately owned goods provided that you have entered into the agreement or alleged agreement after the commencement of the first period of insurance and the amount in dispute exceeds £200.

Uninsured Loss Recovery – Legal expenses incurred in connection with the pursuit of a claim for uninsured losses directly arising from a road traffic accident.

Employment Disputes – Legal expenses incurred in disputes arising from or relating to your contract of employment as an employee (excluding directors service contracts). The insurer will also indemnify you for up to £250 in respect of form ET1 fees and £1000 in respect of tribunal listing fees. In the event that these fees are recovered from the defendant in any settlement or award order made by an employment tribunal you must repay these fees to the insurer.


The insurer will not be liable for:

If unsure, please refer to the policy document for guidance.

Helmet & Leather Insurance

The policy will cover:

This policy will provide up to £1500 towards the cost of the repairs or replacement of:

Following damage caused as a result of a road traffic accident which occurs within the United Kingdom.

After we have settled a claim, we will not reduce the sum insured as long as you take any reasonable measures we may suggest to prevent further loss or damage. We will not charge any extra premium for maintaining the sum insured.

Significant Exclusions:
The insurer will not be liable for:

This policy will not cover any damage caused:

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